Pool Services Overview

Maintenance Packages

Weekly FULL pool service. Vacuum pool bottom, brush steps and walls, skim surface, clean waterline tiles, check and adjust chemicals (including chlorine, PH and alkalinity, check and adjust water levels, clean filter as necessary. Starting at $160 per month.

Bi-Monthly full pool service (full pool service as outlined above). Check and adjust chemical levels weekly. Check and adjust water levels weekly. Starting at $150 per month.

Special Offers

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Vacuum pool bottom
Brush walls and steps.
Skim surface
Clean waterline tiles
Check and adjust chemicals
Check and adjust water levels
Clean filter as necessary

A pool's filter system does the heavy lifting in keeping the water clean, but it takes chemistry to do the fine-tuning. Dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, thrive in water. A pool filled with untreated water would be a perfect place for disease-carrying microorganisms to move from one person to another. Water with the wrong chemical balance can damage the various parts of the pool. Improperly balanced water can irritate the skin and eyes. Improperly balanced water can get very cloudy.