Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do you charge to remove/install my solar blanket when you come out to clean the pool?
2.   Do I have to mail you a check every month?
3.   Monday is a holiday, will my pool still be serviced?
4.   Pool service technician was only here 2 minutes. How is that possible?
5.   Do you control the water level of my pool?
6.   If the water gets too low, will it burn up my pump?
7.   Pool service is completed but there is debris in my pool. Why?
8.   Why is my pool green?
9.   My dog is friendly. Can I leave my dogs out on service days?
10. I forgot to unlock my cage. Can you come back another day?
11. Is possible my pool service tech didn't come today?
12. I am on a full service plan but didn't have the full service. Why?
13. Why is my pool stained?
14. Can I save money and only run the pool for an hour per day?
15. What other services can you provide?

No. We do ask that you remove the cover yourself and reinstall it after your pool service technician has departed. Your cover is an excellent tool for saving you money. It has the reverse effect on us, as well as the risk of injury to your pool cleaning professional. Return to top.

No. You can give us a VISA or MasterCard number to put on file and we will debit your card on the first day of every month. You can also send us a check marked "VOID" and will debit your checking account on the first day of every month. Finally you can pay for a year in advance and we will give you one month FREE! Return to top.

Yes. Our employees are among the most dedicated professionals in the pool industry. Around holidays they will make every effort to service your pool a day later or something even a day earlier. However, we encourage our employees to spend holiday time with their families too. Return to top.

Many of our customers have elected to have a service plan which saves them money. In these plans the pool is actually only cleaned once or twice per month. The other visits are strictly to check and adjust the chemicals. Sometimes your pool may not require chemical adjustments in which case the pool service technician will be gone in a few minutes. Return to top.

Yes. In the summer we may need to drain some water from your pool if practical (adjusting for rain), and in the winter we add water (adjusting for drought). Heavy rains or high winds can often result in water levels being higher or lower than expected. We do our best to estimate water levels. Return to top.

No. Pump motors are air cooled, not water cooled. Return to top.

Your solar blanket stores dirt and debris on top. When we remove the blanket some of that debris falls into the pool, the rest of it falls in when we reinstall the cover. We clean the top and bottom of the pool but have no way to remove anything floating in the middle. To reduce this problem, you can use a garden hose and sprayer nozzel to blast dirt and debris off of the cover and into the skimmer opening as the cover gets dirty. Return to top.

Sudden changes in ambient temperature, rainfall amounts, bather load, water temperature, and much more can cause occasional algae. If a growth occurs we will act as quickly as possible to correct it, free of any additional charge to our customer.

Note: We do not remove the solar blanket when doing chemical check visits - therefore we can not see algae growing. Return to top.

No. We love pets but are not responsible for their safety. We are also not responsible if a pet escapes. Please keep pets indoors on your regular service day and please let us know if we should not service your pool because of a pet being left outside that day. Return to top.

No, well maybe. Your pool service technician may not be returning to your neighborhood for another week. However we will try to accomodate you whenever possible. Your technician will put necessary chemicals in your pool through the pump area and you will be charged as usual. Return to top.

Yes. As in any industry, our employees call in sick, trucks break down, computers fail (imagine that!), thunder and lightening storms cause delays. We know this happens and we take this into account when we quote our monthly rates. Whenever possible we will make up for lost time. In the unlikely event that it happens more than twice a year, call our office and we will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.

NOTE: There is a card in your pool pump timer that indicates when we were there and what your readings were at that time. Feel free to examine this card before calling our office. When an employee is on vacation, another employee will service your pool although the day/time may be different. Return to top.

During thunder and/or lightening storms your service technician will not put his/her life at risk by placing a long metal pole into a body of water during an electrical storm. We know this happens and we take this into account when we quote our monthly service plan rates. In the unlikely event that it happens more than twice a year, call our office and we will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction. Return to top.

Stains are not a result of how often or how hard we brush your pool. Nor are they caused by anything we put into your pool water during a weekly service. Most often they are caused by metals in your fill water. Call us for a FREE analysis and we will quote you a price to remove them if possible. Return to top.

No! In the summer we need your pool to run at least 8 hours per day. In the winter 4-5 hours is OK. We cannot keep stagnant water from growing algae and/or developing stains. Ask us about our new IntelliFlo pool pump that WILL drop your electric bill dramatically! Return to top.

Isles Pool Service is a full service pool company. We sell and install heat pumps, solar panels, solar blankets, vacuums, salt pool systems, automation, color changing lights, resurfacing including Pebble Tec and MORE. Call us OR use the Contact page of our website where you can send a form with your questions. Return to top.



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