November newsletter


November 2017 Newsletter

Some of you will be getting this newsletter for the very first time so welcome to Isles Pool Service. Welcome back to all our snow birds.

As you return home, Isles Pool Service can help with your pool improvement projects. Your family is coming to town and I know you want them to enjoy your pool!  Right now, there are hurricane relief rebates available on IntelliPro and IntelliFlo energy efficient pool pumps. These pumps are so energy efficient that you should save about $50.00 per month on your electricity bill. They are also very quiet, at the lowest speeds you can’t even hear them. And their reliable, guaranteed for 3 years! The motors are made in Italy and the drives are made in Belgium, not China or Mexico like your typical single speed motor. If you don’t have a variable speed pump, I recommend one even if your pump is running perfectly right now. They pay for themselves in about 2 ½ years.

And how about warming the pool so that you can actually get in and enjoy it? The Ultratemp heat pump will get the job done. This machine is quiet, energy efficient, and reliable featuring a Titanium heat exchanger that is guaranteed for life. Are you tired of paying for the high cost of propane? The Ultratemp heat pump will heat your pool for about 1/5th the energy cost.

Now that the water is warm, why not make it feel silky smooth? Let Isles Pool Service convert your pool to salt. Have you ever been in a friend’s pool and noticed that their water felt silkier and smoother than yours? That is a salt pool. It is noticeably gentler on your skin, eyes, and bathing suits. The chlorine level can be maintained lower and more even. And since the introduction of the new I-chlor system, the price has come down significantly.

And how about swimming at night? The Intellibrite 5G color LED light uses less than half the electricity of your old incandescent light, it’s three times as bright, and lasts a lot longer. Oh, and you get 5 colors and 7 light shows with the flip of your light switch.

So whatever your pool needs are this holiday season, give us a call and we’ll get you ready for family fun.  Have a great November and thank you for your business.

October Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

Some of you will be getting this newsletter for the very first time so welcome to Isles Pool Service. Welcome back to all our snow birds.

September certainly was an interesting month. Hurricane Irma did her best to disrupt our operations here in SW Florida. My heart goes out to the poor folks in Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island and other areas that were hit hard by Irma’s fury. Here in Charlotte County things are not as bad. Many of our staff of 13 (including my wife and I) were here for hurricane Charlie some 13 years ago. As a result, some of us did not want to be here for Irma. We closed early on Friday the 8th to allow everyone to prepare. My wife and I headed northwest towards the Alabama border. We stopped short at the town of DeFuniak Springs, FL. Three of my employees headed out of state to Kentucky, Tennessee, and New York. The rest stayed in their homes or with friends here locally.

We were closed on Monday the 11th since many streets in downtown Punta Gorda were flooded, and to allow first responders clear access the communities we service. By Tuesday the 12th ,  four of us were back at work. The 3 employees that were out of state were slowly making their way back. Those in Arcadia were trapped there by flooded streets, and one employee in Fort Myers had flood water in her apartment. Fortunately, no one was injured, no one left hungry, and no one left permanently homeless. Our staff members stepped up to help each other by offering their homes temporarily. It took two weeks but the Fort Myers employee is now back in her apartment.

As the week went on, a few more employees returned to work. While it was impossible to provide full cleanings with such a limited staff and a short week, we did get to all the pools and at least adjust the chemistry to prevent them from turning into lagoons. Many of the pools didn’t even have power. By Monday the 18th all our cleaning staff returned to work. While the damage to the pools was nothing compared to Charlie, there were a lot of leaves and fine dirt to clean up. This made for a long and tiring week for the entire staff.

I am happy to say that everyone now has power and water restored and Isles Pool Service is back on track. This week most of the pools will be back to their regular rhythm and maintenance should be smoother and on schedule. Our repair department is still a bit behind but that should be corrected by the end of this week. Most of you have been patient and we appreciate your business.

Everyone have a great October and thank you for your business.

September Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

Some of you will be getting this newsletter for the very first time so welcome to Isles Pool Service. Customers often like it when I write about things not pool related, so here goes.

Let’s talk about privacy, or lack thereof. Most of us know that there are cameras everywhere and we are being watched anytime we’re out in public. But what about when we’re at someone’s house?   I recently received an e-mail from a customer who was up north at their summer home. They were concerned about a conversation that their surveillance camera had “picked up” between my pool technicians, down here in Florida. The conversation was about pools and was completely harmless, but that’s not my point.

My point is that we (any of us) no longer have a reasonable expectation of privacy anywhere but inside our own homes.  And some of us have home automation products that are listening there too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset with this customer. They have every right to monitor their home any way they wish. But I’m glad my employees weren’t discussing their personal finances, their health, or maybe their family relationships. Imagine that you are at someone’s home (work, pleasure, whatever reason) and you get an important phone call from your healthcare company.  They ask for your social security number to confirm your identity. Thanks to modern technology, the home owner now has that information recorded. Maybe that’s a bit farfetched, maybe it’s not. But the point is that somebody is listening to you no matter where you are. In a perfect world, I would never make a negative comment about anybody, ever. But this is not a perfect world and I most certainly am not perfect. So the next time I make a negative comment about a service provider, a friend, an acquaintance, a customer, it will be recorded by somebody and may be used against me at some point. What if an employee makes a negative comment about the boss? Can the homeowner use that against the employee? It’s kind of scary if you ask me. I know that there’s no going back, but just keep in mind that George Orwell was right. Big Brother really is watching, and more importantly listening.

Isles Pool Service can clean your pool, repair your pump and filter, install heat pumps and solar panels, install and repair automation systems, color changing LED lights, and a whole lot more.  Just ask!  We accept payment by cash, check, or charge. We can automatically debit your bank account or charge your credit card on the first of each month. If you pay for one year in advance, we will give you one month for FREE. We can even bill you by e-mail.

Everyone have a great September and thank you for your business.